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Abstract Seed oils of Lactuca scariola Linn., L. sativa Linn. and Siegesbeckia orientalis Linn., were found to contain epoxy acids in 10.0% (6.0% coronaric + 4.0% vernolic), 27.4% (16.9% coronaric + 10.5% vernolic) and 20.0% (16% coronaric + 4.0% vernolic) amount, respectively, alongwith normal fatty acids. The co-occurrence of the two epoxy acids was confirmed by chromatographic (TLC, GLC), spectroscopic and chemical methods. Further, this was confirmed by mass spectral study of methyl ester and its methoxy hydroxy derivative in the case of S. orientalis seed oil.The seed oils of Chrysanthemum coronariumand Vernonia anthelmintica were used as reference standard.

Authors: Ansari, M. H.; Ahmad, S.; Ahmad, F.; Ahmad, M.; Osman, S. M.

Journal: Fett Wissenschaft Technologie-Fat Science Technology

Year: 1987

Volume: 89

Page: 116-118

UID: WOS:A1987G882200006

DOI: 10.1002/lipi.19870890307