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Abstract The fatty acid composition and structure of pawpaw fruit (Asimina triloba) triglycerides were examined and found to contain fatty acids ranging from C-6 to C-20. Octanoate represented 20% of the fatty acids while other medium-chain fatty acids were present in low amounts. Analysis of the intact triglycerides by high temperature gas-liquid chromatography gave an unusual three-cycle carbon number distribution. Analysis of triglyceride fractions separated according to degree of unsaturation suggested that one octanoate was paired with diglyceride species containing long-chain fatty acids. Determination of the double-bond positions of monoene fatty acids revealed cis Delta 9 and cis Delta 11 hexadecenoate and cis Delta 9, cis Delta 11, and cis Delta 13 octadecenoate isomers were present in significant quantities. Octanoate and positional monoene fatty acid isomers were found only in the fruit lipids and not in the seed lipids. Phenacyl esters of fatty acids were found to be useful derivatives for structure determination using multiple types of analyses.

Authors: Wood, R.; Peterson, S.

Journal: Lipids

Year: 1999

Volume: 34

Page: 1099-1106

UID: WOS:000083556900011

DOI: 10.1007/s11745-999-0461-x

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Asimina triloba 22
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