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Abstract The results of detailed chemical investigations carrried out on seeds of Costus speciosus (Koen.) Sm. from Dehra Dum have shown a yield of 6.0% of a sweet smelling fatty oil which may find use in perfume industries. This fatty oil on gas liquid chromatographic analysis showed 55.97% palmitic acid and 23.75% oleic acid besides other fatty acids. The defatted seeds contained 1.91% diosgenin (an important raw material for synthesis of steroidal hormones) and three sugars i.e., glucose, galactose and rhamnose.

Authors: Suri, R. K.; Jain, P. P.; Sharma, B. K.

Journal: Indian Forester

Year: 1986

Volume: 112

Page: 135-138

UID: BCI:BCI198783063571

Genus Species Data Points
Costus speciosus 7
SOFA Table(s)