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Abstract Fatty acid and triglyceride compositions of Entada phaseolides seed oil have been determined by combination of the techniques of systematic crystallisation at low temperatures, pancreatic lipase hydrolysis and gas-liquid chromatography of methyl esters. The percentages of individual fatty acids were found to be myristic 0.3, palmitic 9.1, stearic 4.4, arachidic 1.7, behenic 1.6, oleic 35.8, linoleic 46.7 and linolenic 0.4. The special characteristic of this oil is its content of 6.9, 9.6, 17.0, 19.2, 5.0, 24.1 and 10.4% of monosaturated diolein, monosaturated dilinolein, saturated oleo linolein, dioleo-linolein, triolein, oleo dilinolein and trilinolein, respectively. This investigation has indicated that the 2-position of the triglyceride is preferentially esterified with C18 unsaturated acids and linoleic acid shows preference over oleic acid.

Authors: Sengupta, A.; Basu, S.

Journal: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Year: 1978

Volume: 29

Page: 677-682

UID: WOS:A1978FV66400003

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.2740290804

Genus Species Data Points
Entada phaseoloides 8
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