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Abstract The botany and chemistry of the seed oils of Jatropha curcas, J. gossypiifolia [J. gossypifolia] and J. podagrica are compared. The seed yields are 5 t, 500 kg and 400 kg per ha annually for the 3 species, respectively, with seed shell to kernel ratios of 44:56, 35:65 and 25:75. The kernel oil contents are 47-52%, 29% and 54%, respectively. The industrial applications of the oil and oilcake, and uses of the latex and leaves, of J. curcas are discussed.

Authors: Raina, A. K.; Gaikwad, B. R.

Journal: Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India

Year: 1987

Volume: 19

Page: 81-85

UID: CABI:19920315368