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Abstract Seeds from Hypochaeris variegata L. (Baker) harvested at Olavarria (Buenos Aires, Argentine) were defatted with hexane and the raw oil obtained with a yield of 24,7% dry basis. The crude oil was examined in their physicochemical characteristics had refractive index of 1,4637 (at 25 degreesC), iodine value of 125,2, saponification index of 188,4, unsaponifiable matter of 8,5 % and free fatty acid content of 9,7 (mg KOH/g). Gas chromatographic analysis of the oil revealed high levels of linoleic acid (66,2%), appreciable amount of linolenic and erucic acids. The residual seed meal contained 35,49% of crude protein and 35,1% of crude fiber. Total and phytic acid phosphorous, calcium, ash, sugar and polisaccharides (non presence of starch) contents are reported.

Authors: Quiroga, P. O.; Wiese, B.; Vigo, M. S.; Nolasco, S. M.

Journal: Grasas Y Aceites

Year: 2000

Volume: 51

Page: 221-224

UID: WOS:000166672100001

Genus Species Data Points
Hypochaeris variegata 17
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