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Abstract The seed fat of Psidium guajava has been analysed by thin-layer and gas-liquid chromatographic methods. The lipids, made up exclusively of neutral lipids, mostly triglycerides, accounted for 9.4% of the dry weight of the seeds. G.l.c. revealed that the seed fat is linoleic acid-rich (79 %); palmitic, oleic and stearic acids being the other minor acids present. There are neither percentage nor compositional differences in the fatty acids at different stages of development of the seeds.

Authors: Opute, Fred Idiem'

Journal: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Year: 1978

Volume: 29

Page: 737-738

UID: WOS:A1978FV66400011

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.2740290812

Genus Species Data Points
Psidium guajava 1
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