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Abstract The chemical composition of the seed oil and residual seed meal of Rosa rubiginosa L. (<<rosa mosqueta>>) harvested at El Bolson (Chubut, Argentina) was analyzed. Iodine Number of the drying oil is 172,7, having high content of linolenic acid (31,4% of total acids). Sitosterol is the main component of the sterol fraction. Residual seed meal is rich in crude fiber (56,6%) and polysaccarides (18,4%) and poor in proteins (9,75%), which ha ve low reactive lysine content.

Authors: Malec, L. S.; Civeira, M. E.; Vigo, M. S.

Journal: Anales De La Asociacion Quimica Argentina

Year: 1993

Volume: 81

Page: 445-450

UID: WOS:A1993MU98900004

Genus Species Data Points
Rosa rubiginosa 1
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