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Abstract The formation of conjugated trienoic acid (punicic acid) in the seed oil of M. balsamina (Balsam apple) during ripening, and the influence of the environment on oil composition was studied. Oil was analysed by UV and IR spectroscopy and GLC. Large amounts of punicic acid were found (56.3-66.6, mean 62%), and also palmitic acid 8.8-13%, stearic acid 5.1-6.8%, oleic acid 6.2-7.5%, linoleic acid 9.9-13.5%, and linolenic acid 0.1-0.3% (3.1% in very young fruit). During ripening, acid composition changed slightly, with an increase in the % punicic acid and a decrease in linoleic and palmitic acid. Absolute amounts of individual fatty acids rose except for linolenic acid, suggesting that its biosynthesis was inhibited in favour of the corresponding conjugated trienoic acid. Acid composition was not appreciably affected by environmental conditions.

Authors: Lotti, G.; Izzo, R.; Nicolini, F.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1973

Volume: 50

Page: 425-433

UID: FSTA:1974-09-N-0442

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Momordica balsamina 156