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Abstract The oils of 17 groundnut var. grown at various localities between latitudes 31S and 39N in the USA, Senegal, Argentina, India and Israel were compared with oils of the same var. grown in Pisa. Tabulated results showed a general increase in seed wt. in warmer climates, as well as a higher linoleic and lower oleic acid content, increased beta-sitosterol and decreased campesterol and stigmasterol content in colder climates. Oleic and linoleic acid were related by a close inverse linear correlation.

Authors: Lotti, G.; Baragli, S.; Gentili, M.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1977

Volume: 54

Page: 506-513

UID: FSTA:1978-06-N-0260

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Arachis hypogaea 22
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