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Abstract Analytical data are presented on the oil of A. avicennae with a view to its detection as adulterant in commercial edible oils. Tabulated results are given for physico-chemical characteristics, fatty acid composition, positional isomers of monounsaturated C17:1 and C18:1 acids, and composition of unsaponifiable, hydrocarbon, triterpene alcohol, 4-methylsterol and sterol fractions of refined oil. The small % of cyclic acids (max. total 1.26%) containing the cyclopropane ring (which may constitute a health hazard) remaining in the refined oil is enough to detect ≥10% of malva oil in commercial edible oils. The sterol fraction was characterized by the presence of a number of 7-sterols.

Authors: Lercker, G.; Conte, L. S.; Capella, P.; Frega, N.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1983

Volume: 60

Page: 753-759

UID: FSTA:1984-08-N-0400

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Genus Species Data Points
Abutilon avicennae 38
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