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Abstract The breeding of new hemp varities low graded in cannabinol, resulted in the cancellation of cultivation of hemp prohibited. In this context the exploitation for plant fibres is the main item. In this paper the nutrient aspects of hemp seed were researched. With app. 25 % the oil content is not very high; the oil, however, containes 52 % linoleic acid and 20 % linolenic acid resp. Additionally 10 % of the linolenic acid is 2 % gamma-linolenic acid as well. The hemp seed phospholipids have also high amounts of 42 % linoleic acid and 12 % linolenic acid resp., and have more than 45 % phosphatidylcholine additionally. The protein of hemp, which amounts to about 26 % of the origin substance, containes a low grade of 0,95 % lysine and the value of the total sulphureamino acids methionine and cystine is about 1,03 %.

Authors: Kuhn, M.; Jatsch, C.; vonButtlar, H. B.; Slansky, I.

Journal: Agribiological Research-Zeitschrift Fur Agrarbiologie Agrikulturchemie Okologie

Year: 1997

Volume: 50

Page: 26-31

UID: WOS:A1997XE44000004

Genus Species Data Points
Cannabis sativa 4
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