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Abstract The kernels (48.8%) of seeds) of Olea dioica Roxb received from Nasik (Maharashtra) yielded 24 54% of a fixed oil, having refractive index, 1.4369/25.degree. C; acid value, 42.35, saponification value, 208.97 and iodine value, 87.67. Gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of the mixed acids has shown the fatty acid composition as palmitic, 24.10%; arachidic, 7.93%; behenic, 0.77%; Oleic, 41.45%; linoleic, 15.04% and others (unidentified acids), 10.71%. The seed oil may be recommended for edible use after ascertaining its non-toxic nature.

Authors: Jain, P. P.; Dobhal, N. P.; Ayyar, K. S.

Journal: Indian Forester

Year: 1988

Volume: 114

Page: 882-883

UID: BCI:BCI198988072477

Genus Species Data Points
Olea dioica 6
SOFA Table(s)