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Abstract Kernels constituting 45.5% of seeds of Albizia procera, Benth yielded 16.8% of a fixed oil which had acid value, 13.66; saponification value, 178.28; iodine value (Wij's method), 102,51 and unsaponifiable matter, 4.11 per cent. Fatty acid composition, as determined by glc, is palmitic acid, 25.40; stearic acid, 493; oleic acid, 20.18; linoleic acid, 44.45; arachidic acid, 2.80 and behenic acid, 2.24 per cent. Fatty acid composition of the present sample tallies to some extent with the results reported by Joshi et al. from Raipur (M.P), having linoleic acid as the major constituent which is also important from the nutritional point of view. Farooq et al. from Aligarh have reported oleic acid as the major consistuent (50.89%).

Authors: Jain, P. P.; Dobhal, N. P.; Sethi, R. P.; Ayyar, K. S.

Journal: Indian Forester

Year: 1989

Volume: 115

Page: 180-182

UID: BCI:BCI198988118740

Genus Species Data Points
Albizia procera 6
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