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Abstract Five pulse samples, Musuri (Lens esculenta), Orhor (Cajnus indicus), Motor (Pisum sativum), Kheshari (Lathyrus sativus) and Mash-kalai (Phaseolus Munqo), produced and consumed in Bangladesh, were extracted with ether (Soxhlet). Total fat, estimated by gravimetry, ranged from 1 to 1.7 % of dry weights. Four saturated and 4 unsaturated fatty acids were detected in all in these fat extracts by g.l.c. The fat from Musuri, Orhor, Motor and Kheshari had 18 to 28 % palmitic acid and 54 to 67 % linoleic acid. Musuri fat also had oleic (17 %) and linolenic (10 %) acids as major components. Fat from Mash-kalai had an unusual pattern of fatty acids and contained linolenic (70 %) and behenic (10 %) acids as major components. The unsaturated by saturated fatty acid ratios in the fat extracts ranged between 2.3 for Orhor to 4.4 for Musuri.

Authors: Choudhury, Kamal; Rahman, M. M.

Journal: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Year: 1973

Volume: 24

Page: 471-473

UID: WOS:A1973P472300015

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.2740240416

Genus Species Data Points
Pisum sativum 6
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