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Abstract Tomato seeds, which make up 55% of canning waste, were analysed in a preliminary study to evaluate their potential protein food use. Tabulated results from 9 var. showed: protein on DM, 28.4-31.0%; fat, 36.0-37.9%; lysine, 5.0-6.5 g/16 g N; cystine, 5.3 and 5.0 g/16 g N in var. Sammarzano and Red Stone; and high methionine levels. The fatty acid composition showed: oleic acid, 20.8-23.5%; linoleic acid, 52.4-55.5%; unsaturated:saturated acid ratio, 3.7-4.1; and linoleic:oleic acid ratio, 2.2-2.7.

Authors: Canella, M.; Cardinali, F.; Castriotta, G.; Nappucci, R.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1979

Volume: 56

Page: 8-11

UID: FSTA:1980-06-J-0870

Genus Species Data Points
Solanum lycopersicum 13
SOFA Table(s)