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Abstract A study regarding the chemical composition of ripe fruits of Cyphomandra betacea (Cav. Sendt (Solanaceae) harvested at the Botanical Institute Darwinion (San Isidro, prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina) is reported. Fruits are composed of pulp (79% seeds free), seed (10%), and peel (11%). The total ascorbid acid content of pulp is significant (338mg. % g d.b.; 44,3mg%g pulp); carothenoids (768 equiv. retinol % d.b.) and pectic substances 2,29% d.b. Fixed acids were: citric (87%), malic (5%) and galacturonic (?) (7,6%). Total lipids (Folch, mainly polar lipids) showed as "major" acidic components 16:0, 18:1 and 18:2. Values for Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn are included. Seed oil content (hexane) was 24,6% d.b. (IY 133,2), the acidic composition of which showed as "major" components 16:0 (11,1), 18:1 (18,2),18:2 (67,5) and only 0,5% of 18:3. Total sterols (digitonin) 1670mg. %g were determined as sitosterol (78%), campesterol (12%), fucosterol (8%), cholesterol (0,8%) and brasicasterol (0,1%). The general composition of the residual defatted meal is included.

Authors: Bertoni, M. H.; Sanchez, M. A.; Cattaneo, P.

Journal: Anales De La Asociacion Quimica Argentina

Year: 1990

Volume: 78

Page: 359-364

UID: WOS:A1990FL66100006

Genus Species Data Points
Cyperus betacea 7
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