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Abstract Mixed integral seeds of Cucurbita moschata Duch (calabacita) harvested at Buenos Aires and Mendoza provinces) were analized considering some characteristics like size, kg/Hl, No- seeds Ig, rate kernel/hull, mean seed weigh and color). The grinded seeds were extracted with technical hexane and the crude seedoil obteined (33,2 % db.): II 101,4; IS 187,6; IA 16,1; unsaponifiable matter % 1,86; total fatty acids % 90,20; total sterols (mg % g) 658 and lipidic phosphorus (as P % g oil) 0,022. The fatty acid composition (% of total acids) determined by GLC of methyl esters showed as ''major components'' 16:0(17,0); 18:1 (31,6) and 18:2 (45,1) plus 14:0 (0,1); 18:0 (5,9), 20:0 (0,2) and traces of 12:0 and 17:0. IS methyl esters 190,0; ISA methyl esters 195,0. It is concluded that the oil is a semidrying, practically free from 18:3 and hydroxyacids one.

Authors: Bertoni, M. H.; Gonzales, A. P.; Cattaneo, P.

Journal: Anales De La Asociacion Quimica Argentina

Year: 1994

Volume: 82

Page: 131-133

UID: WOS:A1994NZ04800008

Genus Species Data Points
Cucurbita moschata 9
SOFA Table(s)