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Abstract Nine oils with a high oleic acid content (ben, fennel, hazelnut, coriander, peach, almond, apricot, peanut, date pit) were investigated for their oxidative stability at 100°C by the Rancimat test. The oils were also analysed for refractive index, free fatty acids content, acidity, peroxide and I values and percentage of unsaponifiable matter. Results, which were also compared with those obtained for olive oil, revealed good correlation between the oils' C18:1 content and their oxidative stability. In further tests, the oxidative stability of sunflower oil was shown to be markedly improved by blending with the high oleic acid oils, particularly apricot and peach kernel, confirming the value of the increased C18:1 content.

Authors: Allam, S. S. H.

Journal: Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 2001

Volume: 78

Page: 337-341

UID: FSTA:2002-05-Ne0309