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Abstract Essential oil was obtained from coriander seeds by steam distillation, the residue was dried and subjected to extraction with petroleum ether. The oil thus obtained (14.1%) was light greenish brown in colour and had similar physicochemical properties to those reported for coriander seed oil in literature data with the exception of unsaponifiable matter (1.90 vs. 4.1%, in the literature). Major fatty acids in the oil (determined by GLC) were palmitic, petroselinic, oleic and linoleic acids. Lauric, myristic, myristoleic and palmitic acids were also present in small amounts. TLC analysis of sterols in the unsaponifiable matter showed that beta-sitosterol was predominant. [See Khan et al., Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (1982) 17 (3/4) 172-177 for part I].

Authors: Adhikari, S.; Huq, F.; Begum, M.; Saha, G. C.

Journal: Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Year: 1993

Volume: 26

Page: 33-40

UID: FSTA:1993-04-T-0070

Genus Species Data Points
Coriandrum sativum 9
SOFA Table(s)