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Abstract M. ciliatum seed oil, extracted with petroleum ether and hydrolysed with ethanolic KOH, yielded 91% fatty acids and 1% unsaponifiable matter. The solid fraction obtained after esterification with diazomethane contained stearic (5%), arachidic (75%) and behenic (20%) acids, and the liquid fraction contained myristic (4%), tetradecenoic (2%), palmitic (13%), hexadecenoic (4%), stearic (16%), oleic (28%), linoleic (24%), arachidic (5%) and behenic (3%) acids.

Authors: Ayoub, S. M. H.; Babiker, A. J.

Journal: Fitoterapia

Year: 1981

Volume: 52

Page: 251-253

UID: CABI:19820308015

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