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Abstract Blepharis persica seed oil (Yield 20%) was examined for the fatty acid composition. The oil was resolved by thin-layer chromatography into hydrocarbons (2.37%), wax esters (3.21%), triglycerides (56.42%), free fatty acids (10.36%), 1:3- diglycerides (3.8%), 1:2- diglycerides (5.06%), 2-monoglycerides (2.98%), 1-monoglycerides (5.42%), and polar lipids (9.77%) fractions. The fatty acid composition of all these lipid fractions was determined by the application of gas chromatography.

Authors: Waheed, A. Sabir, A. W. Sattar, A.

Journal: Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Year: 1992

Volume: 29

Page: 237-243

UID: PFA:12979

Genus Species Data Points
Blepharis persica 11
SOFA Table(s)