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Abstract The seed oil of Firmiana platanifolia Schott et ENDL. contains cyclopropenoid fatty acids as the components. One of them was sterculic acid which was isolated and characterized by preparation of sorne hydrogenation and oxidation products. Attempts to isolate the other were unsuccessful, but the presence of a C18-cyclopropenoid acid was suggested according to gas liquid chromatographic analysis of the reaction products of the oil components with methanolic silver nitrate. The oil contains 13.5% sterculic acid and 1.5% the other, which is probably malvalic acid.

Authors: Toshisada Shimadate, Teruhiko Iino, and Yoshino Hosoyama

Journal: Nippon Daigaku Bunrigakubu Shizen Kogaku Kenkyusho Kenkykiyo

Year: 1976

Volume: 11

Page: 33

UID: PFA:12768

Genus Species Data Points
Firmiana platanifolia 2
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