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Abstract The unsaponifiable matter collected from the petroleum ether ext. of H. riparia root after allowing this ext. to stand overnight at a low temp. was identified as α-spinasteryl acetate (I). The saponifiable fraction of the ext. contained myristic 12.94, palmitic 26.61, stearic 23.49, and oleic acid 33.64%. The sapon. no., I no., and acid no. were also studied.

Authors: Tandon, Sant P.; Tiwari, Kamala Prasad; Gupta, Anand Prakash

Journal: Indian Oil and Soap Journal

Year: 1969

Volume: 34

Page: 179-83

UID: CFTRI:12726

Genus Species Data Points
Homonoia riparia 4
SOFA Table(s)