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Abstract To promote the production of haze (Rhus spp.) wax by the cultivation of haze cultivars, the chemical composition and physical properties of haze wax from 13 cultivars grown in Ehime Prefecture were investigated. The results were as follows: 1) The content of haze wax from 13 cultivars was in the range of 7-30.5%. The average wax content in the cultivars was 20.0%. 2) Based on a chemical analysis of the wax, no differences in the acid, ester, and saponification values of the wax from the cultivars were recognized, but there was a remarkable difference in the iodine values among the cultivars. 3) There was no difference in chemical compositions of main fatty acids (palumitic, oleic, stearic, archidic, and Japan acids) constituting haze wax in each cultivar. However, the content of Japan acid, a mixture of eicosanedioic and docasanedioic acids which is responsible for the viscoductile propety of haze wax, varied in each cultivar. The average content of Japan acid in the wax from the 13 cultivars was 3.86 06 Each cultivar could be divided into four groups by the contents of the acid. Haze wax having greater contents of Japan acid had a tendency to exhibit greater visco-ductility. 4) There was no remarkable relationships between cultivars and physical properties (melting points, viscosities, penetration temperatures, and and so on) of the wax. However, smaller visco-ductility of the wax was recognized when the wax had a particularly large iodine value as well as plural penetration temperatures. 5) The Oho haze cultivar in the 13 cultivars was found to be a superior haze cultivar for the production of haze wax because the cultivar had both a large wax content and fine physical properties including great visco-ductility. Keywords : haze wax, cultivars, physical property of haze wax, Japan acid.

Authors: Tachibana, S. Stoh, K. Ohkubo, K. Oki, T. Sumimoto, M.

Journal: Mokuzai Gakkaishi

Year: 1992

Volume: 38

Page: 1151-1158

UID: PFA:12704

Genus Species Data Points
Rhus shinnosuke 12
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