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Abstract Seeds of D. binectariferum contained 2.52% total ash, including Ca 0.29% (by at. absorption spectrometry), Na 0.053 and K 1.03% (by flame photometry), and P 0.13% (by colorimetry). Petroleum ether extn. of the seeds gave 4.54% of a viscous oil with a refractive index of 1.5192% at 20° and acid, ester, and I values of 48.77, 77.46, and 130.9, resp. Acid hydrolyzate of defatted seeds contained glucose, galactose, raffinose, and xylose. Free amino acids of the seeds included α-alanine, arginine, asparagine, glutamic acid, lysine, histidine, serine, cystine, and valine

Authors: Singh, R. P.; Jain, P. P.; Suri, R. K.

Journal: Indian Journal of Physical and Natural Sciences

Year: 1982

Volume: 2A

Page: 50-1

UID: CFTRI:12569

Genus Species Data Points
Dysoxylum binectariferum 1
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