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Abstract The fatty acid compn. of H. wightiana oil was detd. by liquid-solid countercurrent distribution of urea adducts of the fatty acids in 1 expt. and of Et esters in the other. In the 1st expt., the mixed fatty acids were sepd. into solid (77%) and liquid (23%) acids by low-temp. crystn. and then these acids were fractionated with urea. In the 2nd expt., the Et esters of the mixed fatty acids were fractionally distd. and then each of the fractions was countercurrently sepd. as urea adducts to obtain its fatty acid compn. Results obtained are compared with those of Cole and Cardoso (CA 33, 89216). Acids, Low Temp. Cryst. + Urea, %, Ester Distn. + Urea, %, Cole and Cardoso, %; Stearic, 1.25, 0.33, -; Palmitic, 2.98, 4.99, 1.8; Oleic, 3.40, 4.99, 6.5; Chaulmoogric, 36.23, 31.90, 27.0; Hydnocarpic, 44.61, 44.01, 48.7; Gorlic, 10.20, 12.50, 12.2; Lower, 0.72, 1.28, 3.4; Loss, 0.61, -, -

Authors: Mehta, T. N.; Lokras, S. S.

Journal: J. Oil Technologists' Assoc. India

Year: 1963

Volume: 18

Page: 307-16

UID: CFTRI:11909

Genus Species Data Points
Hydnocarpus wightiana 3
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