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Abstract Fatty acids of the seed fat of Anamirta cocculus consist of palmitic (6.1%), stearic (47.5%), oleic (43.3%) and linoleic (3.12%). The glyceride composition of the fat as determined by the acetone permanganate oxidation method is : trisaturated (GS3), 9-77%.; disaturated mono-unsaturated (GSU2), 41.55%; mono-saturated di-unsaturated (GSU 2), 48.78% and tri-unsaturated (GU3), nil. The unsaponifiable matter from the fat contains sitosterol.

Authors: T.R Kasturi and B.H. Iyer

Journal: J. Indian Chem. Soc.

Year: 1954

Volume: 31

Page: 623

UID: PFA:11546

Genus Species Data Points
Anamirta cocculus 5
SOFA Table(s)