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Abstract The title oil, comprising 20% of the dry wt. of the seeds, and having n25D = 1.4740, contained trans-3-hexadecenoic 10.6, trans-3-octadecenoic 3.0, palmitic 4.5, stearic 2.0, oleic 15.4, linoleic 52.6, and linolenic acid 11.9%. The acids were sepd. and identified by thin-layer chromatog. on silica gel-AgNO3, gas-liq. chromatog., N.M.R., and hydrazine redn

Authors: Kannan, R.; Pantulu, A. J.; Subraram, M. R.; Achaya, K. T.

Journal: Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India (Mumbai, India)

Year: 1969

Volume: 1

Page: 2-7

UID: CFTRI:11530

Genus Species Data Points
Callistephus chinensis 8
SOFA Table(s)