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Abstract Dried seeds of A. longifolius yielded 31.8% protein and 8.4% lipid. The amino acid compn. was marked by high levels of glutamic acid [56-86-0], aspartic acid [56-84-8], arginine [74-79-3], and leucine [61-90-5]. The major fatty acid was palmitic acid [57-10-3] (49.1% of total fatty acids); 66.4% of the fatty acids were satd

Authors: Jain, Raka; Gupta, R. K.

Journal: Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Year: 1985

Volume: 47

Page: 171-2

UID: CFTRI:11424

Genus Species Data Points
Alysicarpus longifolius 3
SOFA Table(s)