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Abstract The obtained oil has the following properties: n21D 1.454; sp. gr. 0.94208 at 36.5°, sapon, value 1259.9, I no. 8.6; acid no. 0.186; satd. acids 85%, unsatd. acids 15% of the total acids, unsaponifiable residue 0.997%. The fatty acids of the oil are: capric, 0.30; caprylic, 19.90; caproic, 18.20; lauric, 46.6; unsatd. C8, 1.15, unsatd. C10 10.42; and unsatd. C12 8.43%.

Authors: Ihsan-Ul-Haqu; Qureshi, M. I.; Bhatty, M. K.; Imullah, K.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Year: 1963

Volume: 6

Page: 77-8

UID: CFTRI:11366

Genus Species Data Points
Nannorrhops ritchieana 4
SOFA Table(s)