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Abstract Pyrularia pubera seed oil contains octadeca-trans-11,17-dien-9-ynoic, 8-hydroxyoctadeca-trans-11,17-dien-9-ynoic, ximenynic, oleic, and other acids. The total fatty acid composition of the oil is estimated. threo-10,11-Dihydroxyheptadec-8-ynoic and threo-11,12-dihydroxyoctadec-9-ynoic acids have been prepared.

Authors: Hopkins, C. Y.; Jevans, A. W.; Chisholm, Mary J.

Journal: Journal of the Chemical Society C: Organic

Year: 1968


Page: 2462

UID: PFA:11298

DOI: 10.1039/J39680002462

Genus Species Data Points
Pyrularia pubera 9
SOFA Table(s)