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Abstract "Physico-chemical characteristics of crude oil extracted from Korean Hazel nut were determined and its proximate composition was also analyzed. The proximate composition of Hazel nut was shown to be moisture 4.0%, crude protein 15.5%, crude fat 64%, nitrogen free extractive 11. 7%, crude fiber 2.0% and crude ash 2.5%. The content Of crude fat in Corylus sieboldiana was about 3% higher than in Corylus mandshurica.. Physico-chemical characteristics of crude oil found were: specific gravity, O. 916(15/15 0 C) ; refractive index, 1. 468(15 0C) ; saponification value, 184; iodine value, 94.5: acid value, 0.2; and unsaponifiable content, 0. 25%. The lipid fractions in the crude oil obtained by silicic acid column chromatography were found to be composed of about 97% neutral lipids and about 3% compound lipids. Among the neutral lipids by TLC, triglycerides were 98% as the major components, free fatty acids and free strols were O. 5% and 1.3%, respectively. Esterified sterols were not found. The predominant fatty acids were oleic (76 ~ 80%), linoleic (15%) and palmitic (5.0%), and the P/S ratio was 1. 8 N 2. 8."

Authors: Hong, Jyung-Ki Shin, Hyo-Sun

Journal: Hanguk Sikp'um Kwahakhoe Chi

Year: 1978

Volume: 10

Page: 361

UID: PFA:11292

Genus Species Data Points
Corylus avellana 5
SOFA Table(s)