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Abstract The composition of the essential oil from the seeds of Abies pindrow Royle (yield 5.04%) has been investigated for the first time by GC. The oil contains 00-pinene (18.75%) B. -pinene (16.71%), limonene (48.07%) besides 13 other minor compounds. The composition of the fatty oil (28.76%)from the essential oil-exhausted seeds is reported for the first time (GC of methyl esters) as palmitic (3.76%) palmitoleic (1.00%), Stearic (1.81 %), Oleic (35-86%), linoleic (35.64%), linolenic (11.41 %) acids, besides two unidentified acids.

Authors: Goel, C. L. et al.

Journal: Indian Perfumer

Year: 1991

Volume: 35

Page: 144-147

UID: CFTRI:11005

Genus Species Data Points
Abies pindrow 7
SOFA Table(s)