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Abstract Seventeen newer varieties of castor seed grown in different parts of India and the oils extracted therefrom were analyzed. The seed characteristics varied as follows: 100-seed weight, 15.2–30.2 g; 100-seed volume, 15.0–32.5 ml; kernel, 64–75%; oil, 46.0–51.8%; protein, 17.1–24.4%; crude fiber, 18.2–26.5%, and ash, 2.1–3.4%. Oil characteristics were: acid value, 1.0–2.9; saponification value, 176.2–183.7; iodine value, 81.4–88.1, and hydroxyl value, 159.2–167.1. Ricinoleic acid content varied from 87.4% to 90.4%.

Authors: Lakshminarayana, G.; Paulose, M. M.; Kumari, B. Neeta

Journal: J Am Oil Chem Soc

Year: 1984,12

Volume: 61

Page: 1871-1872

UID: None

DOI: 10.1007/BF02540821

Genus Species Data Points
Ricinus communis 7
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