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Abstract Bija (Torreya nut), a tree belonging to the Torreyaceae family, is cultivated in Jae Joo Do and Jun Ra Do, Korea. The seed of Torreya nucifera, which has been widely used as folkmedicine in the treatment of tapeworm infestation, was examined on the sterol composition determined by gas liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography on the preparative plates. Sterols were obtained from the nonsaporiifiable matters of ether extract of the seed. It was noted that .S-sitosterol was the major sterol in · the nut. The results showed that contents of sterols were campesterol 3.15,-.,3. 7596, stigmasterol 5. 38--5. 67%, .S·sitosterol 85. 61,.....86. 28% and L::-o.7-sterol 4. 91,.....5.19% · by gas liqu.id chromatography.

Authors: Bo Sup Chung and Young Su Ko

Journal: Yakhak Hoe Chi

Year: 1978

Volume: 22

Page: 87

UID: PFA:10606

Genus Species Data Points
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