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Abstract The result of quantitative analysis of freeze-dryed mushroom (11.2% moisture) lipid showed that total lipids were 4.6%, phospholipids, 1.69%, total sterols, 1.4%, triglycerides, 1.10%. The phospholipids were showed to consist of phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidic acid by TLC using a solvent of chloroform : methanol : 28% anmonia water (65 :25 :5, v/v/v). It was found that maximum wave lengths of the sterol were 262,270,281,292 nm and Rf value was 0.68 by TLC using a solvent of benzene: ethyl acetate (2: I, v/v). These values were consistent with these values of ergosterol. In the fatty acid composition of lyophilized mushroom lipid, C!8:2 was main fatty acid, 82% for total fatty acid, and Cl 6 :0, I 0%.

Authors: Chinen, I. et al.

Journal: Ryukyu Daigaku Nogakubu Gakujutsu Hokuku

Year: 1978

Volume: 25

Page: 195

UID: PFA:10540

Genus Species Data Points
Pilea Unknown 2
SOFA Table(s)