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Abstract "Triglyceride molecular species of safflower oil was examined from the profiles of trigiy ceride composition and the fatty acid at fi-position of glycerol. From the results, triglyc erides were found to be 26kinds in safflower oil. The major triglyceride molecular species in safflower oil were identified to be PLL; 10.4 %, OLL; 22. 3%, LLL; 31.95%. Triglyceride molecular species of safflower oil characterzied that species occupied by unsaturated fatty acids at p-position were more than 90%. "

Authors: Cheon; S.J. Park; Y.H.

Journal: Han'guk Yongyang Siklyong Hakhoechi

Year: 1987

Volume: 16

Page: 337

UID: PFA:10535

Genus Species Data Points
Carthamus tinctorius 2
SOFA Table(s)