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Abstract The seed of the Mandara shrub, Jatropha euphorbeacea, contains about 32% oil. Hydraulic pressing of the kernel yields a water-white oil with the following characteristics: sapon. no. 203, I no. 106, acid no. 11.3, Hehner no. 96, acetyl no. 30.9, unsaponifiable 0.85%. Sapon., sepn. of the Pb soaps, fractional distn. of the Me esters, and analysis of the various fractions indicated the following fatty acid compn. for mandara oil: caproic 1.5, lauric 8.9, myristic 5.2, palmitic 4.3, stearic 1.9, palmitoleic 13.7, linolenic 8.0, linoleic 26.1, oleic 16.7, and ricinoleic 12.9%

Authors: Bhushan, Dinesh; Ram, Atma; Prakash, Om

Journal: J. & Proc. Oil. Technol. Assoc. Kanpur, India

Year: 1951

Volume: 7

Page: 78-83

UID: CFTRI:10447

Genus Species Data Points
Jatropha euphorbiaceae 8
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