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Abstract The Malaysian Kapok (Ceiba pentadra) seeds were found to contain about 28 per cent oil. The oi from both raw and roasted seeds produced a positive Halphen test for cyclopropenoid fa tty acids. Acid value fatty acid composition by gas-liquid chromatography, iodine value, refractive index, saponification number and unsaponifiables of the oil were also determined. The values (area percent) for fa tty acids as methyl ester were: C14:0 (0.25% ), C16:0 (24.31%), C16:1 (0.4% ), C18:0 (2.65% ), C18:1 (21.88% ), C l 8:1 (38.92%), C20:0 plus C l8:3 ( 1%)> malvalic acid (7.18% ), C22:0 (0.44% ), and sterculic acid (2.96%) Malvalic and sterculic acids were determined as AgNO3-C II3OH derivatives of their methyl esters. Since the cyclopropenoid fatty acids bring about a number of abnormal physiological effects in experi­mental animals, it would be extremely unwise to consume these seeds.

Authors: Berry; S.K.

Journal: Pertanika

Year: 1979

Volume: 2

Page: 1

UID: PFA:10416

Genus Species Data Points
Ceiba pentandra 10
SOFA Table(s)