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Abstract A detailed study has been made of the component acids of Toria, Guzerat, Danzig, and Plate rapeseed oils, as well as of ravison and Jamba rapeseed oil. Preliminary sepn. of mixed fatty acids by crystn. from Et2O at -40° was followed by fractionation of the esters and permitted approx. detn. of the 3 unsatd. and 5 satd. minor component acids, as well as the 4 major components, erucic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids. The 4 rape oils showed an av. fatty acid compn. of palmitic 2.5, satd. C18, C20, C22, and C24 5, hexadecenoic 2, oleic 15, linoleic 13.5, linolenic 8, eicosenoic 5, erucic 48, and docosadienoic 1%. Less erucic (39%) and more linoleic (21%) acids were found in ravison oil; Jamba rape oil showed less erucic (37.5%) and more oleic (20%) and eicosenoic (11%) acids.

Authors: Baliga, M. N.; Hilditch, T. P.

Journal: Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, London, Transactions and Communications

Year: 1948

Volume: 67

Page: 258-62

UID: CFTRI:10331

Genus Species Data Points
Brassica alba 2
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