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Abstract Nine seed oils from the families Pterocarpus marsupium, Cosmos sulphureus, Bidens biternata, Feronia elephantum, Heteropterys angustifolia, Malphigia glauca, Carissa carandus, Vanguria edulis, V. spinosa, and Swietenia mahagoni were analysed for their component acids by reversed-phase partition chromatog. Ricinoleic acid was identified in P. marsupium seed oil; 9-hydroxy-10,12- and 13-hydroxy-9,11-octadecadienoic acids, in C. sulphureus and B. biternata seed oils, resp., and hexadecenoic and dihydroxy stearic acids in F. elephantum seed oil

Authors: Badami, R. C.; Kudari, S. M.

Journal: Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India (Mumbai, India)

Year: 1972

Volume: 4

Page: 59-64

UID: CFTRI:10305

Genus Species Data Points
Feronia elephantum 26
SOFA Table(s)