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Abstract Nonpolar constituents of the hexane extract of the weds of Zanthoxylum armatum (Rutaceae) have been identified as 6-hydroxynonadec-(4Z)-enoic acid [1], 8-hydroxypen-tadec-(4Z)-enoic acid [2], 7-hydroxy-7-vinylhexadec-(4Z)-enoic aicd [3], and hexadec-(4Z)-enoic acid [4]. In addition, the essential oil has been found to contain mainly linalool (58-396), limonene (24-46%), and methyl cinnamate (8.92%), besides several minor constituents.

Authors: Ahmad, Ateeque; Misra, Laxmi N.; Gupta, Madan M.

Journal: Journal of Natural Products

Year: 1993,4

Volume: 56

Page: 456-460

UID: WOS:A1993KX56800002

DOI: 10.1021/np50094a002

Genus Species Data Points
Zanthoxylum armatum 4
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