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Abstract Oil seeds, an excellent source of good quality plant protein. Peanuts are one of the world's leading oil seed Crops. Most of Egypt production is classi· fied as food grade and is processed whole, whereas in other countries peanut are processed for oil and the residual meal is used in animal feed or fertilizer. Certain properties of peanut, bland flavor and low concentration of flatulence producing curbohydrates make them more desirable food supplements than some of rhe plant proteins in use to-day. Youn~ and Waller r ll, Conkenon and Ory f2) studied the protein and amino acids of peanut in rhe United States. Also, Hokes and WonhinAton ( 3 l studied the structure of peanut oil in the United Stares. This paper presents the chemical composition of some peanut varieties which are cultivated and consumed in Egyp


Journal: Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse

Year: 1987

Volume: 59

Page: 287

UID: CABI:19821440216

Genus Species Data Points
Arachis hypogaea 8
SOFA Table(s)