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Abstract Four egyptian varieties of sesame seeds were analysed chemically and the kernels percentafe were deterined. The average data showed the following: kernels 95.4%, ether extract 54.54%, protein 22.42%, ash 5.10%,l crude fibre 5.59%, arbohydrate 12.36% and oxalic acid 1.78%. The average fatty acids content of sesame oil was the following: Oleic 41.98%, linoleic 35.7%, palmitis 15.42%, stearic 5.8% and linolenic 1.1%. The average percentages of the essential amino acids content of sesame protein were the following: arginine 12.7, histidine 2.58, isoleucine 3.75, leucine 6.7, lysine 3.15, methionine 3.75, cystine 2.03, phenylalanine 4.3, threonine 3.75, tryptophan 2.32 and valine 4.28.

Authors: Abdel Rahman, A. H. Y.

Journal: Grasas Aceites

Year: 1984

Volume: 35

Page: 119

UID: WOS:A1984SX51700008

Genus Species Data Points
Sesamum indicum 7
SOFA Table(s)