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Tritriacontanoic acid, 11 hydroxy , decyl ester Tree Tritriacontanoic acid, 11-hydroxy-, decyl ester 11-OH-33:0 Decyl 11-hydroxytritriacontanoate C43 H86 O3 651.14 1 M_480
9 octadecenoic acid, 12 hydroxy , (9z,12r) Tree 9-Octadecenoic acid, 12-hydroxy-, (9Z,12R)- 12-OH-18:1-delta-9c Ricinoleic acid; 9-Octadecenoic acid, 12-hydroxy-, [R-(Z)]-; Ricinoleic acid; (9Z,12R)-12-Hydroxyoctadec-9-enoic acid; (R)-12-Hydroxyoleic acid; 12... C18 H34 O3 298.46 150 M_266
9,15 octadecadienoic acid, 12 hydroxy , (z,z) Tree 9,15-Octadecadienoic acid, 12-hydroxy-, (Z,Z)- 12-OH-18:2-delta-9c,15c Densipolic acid; Densipolic acid, 12-hydroxy-cis-9,cis-15-octadecadienoic acid C18H32O3 296.23 77 M_382
11,17 eicosadienoic acid, 14 hydroxy , (11z,14r,17z) Tree 11,17-Eicosadienoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (11Z,14R,17Z)- 14-OH-20:2-delta-11c,17c Auricolic acid; 11,17-Eicosadienoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, [R-(Z,Z)]-; Auricolic acid C20 H36 O3 324.5 85 M_281
9,11,13 octadecatrienoic acid, 18 hydroxy , (9z,11e,13e) Tree 9,11,13-Octadecatrienoic acid, 18-hydroxy-, (9Z,11E,13E)- 18-OH-18:3-delta-9c,11t,13t Kamlolenic acid; Kamlolenic acid; Camlolenic acid C18 H30 O3 294.43 11 M_276
9 octadecenoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z) Tree 9-Octadecenoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z)- 2-OH-18:1-delta-9c 9-Octadecenoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z)-; (Z)-2-Hydroxyoctadec-9-enoic acid; 2-Hydroxyoleic acid; Minerval; cis-2-Hydroxy-9-octadecenoic acid; -alpha-... C18 H34 O3 298.46 1 M_578
9,12 octadecadienoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z,12z) Tree 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z,12Z)- 2-OH-18:2-delta-9c,12c 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z,Z)-; -alpha--Hydroxylinoleic acid C18 H32 O3 296.44 1 M_577
9,12,15 octadecatrienoic acid, 2 hydroxy , (9z,12z,15z) Tree 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (9Z,12Z,15Z)- 2-OH-18:3-delta-9c,12c,15c 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, (Z,Z,Z)-; Linolenic acid, 2-hydroxy-; 2-Hydroxylinolenic acid; -alpha--Hydroxy -alpha--linolenic acid; -... C18 H30 O3 294.43 1 M_401
Octacosanoic acid, 6 hydroxy 6 methyl 9 oxo Tree Octacosanoic acid, 6-hydroxy-6-methyl-9-oxo- 6-OH-6-Me-9=O-28:0 Argemonic acid; Argemonic acid C29 H56 O4 468.75 1 M_300
Octadecanoic acid, 9 hydroxy Tree Octadecanoic acid, 9-hydroxy- 9-OH-18:0 9-Hydroxyoctadecanoic acid; 9-Hydroxystearic acid C18 H36 O3 300.48 2 M_255
12 octadecenoic acid, 9 hydroxy , (9s,12z) Tree 12-Octadecenoic acid, 9-hydroxy-, (9S,12Z)- 9-OH-18:1-delta-12c Isoricinoleic acid, Strophanthus acid; 12-Octadecenoic acid, 9-hydroxy-, (Z)-D-; Isoricinoleic acid; Strophanthus acid C18 H34 O3 298.46 52 M_268
10,12 octadecadienoic acid, 9 hydroxy Tree 10,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 9-hydroxy- 9-OH-18:2-delta-10t,12t 9-Hydroxy-10,12-octadecadienoic acid; Dimorphecolic acid C18 H32 O3 296.44 4 M_417
Hydroxy acids Tree hydroxy acids Hydroxy structure ambiguous 21 M_323
Hydroxyhexadecenoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexadecenoic acid OH-16:1 structure ambiguous C16H30O3 270.22 26 M_387
Hydroxyoctadecenoic acid Tree Hydroxyoctadecenoic acid OH-18:1 structure ambiguous C18H34O3 298.25 47 M_257
Hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid Tree Hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid OH-18:2 structure ambiguous C18H32O3 296.24 32 M_386
Hydroxyeicosenoic acid Tree Hydroxyeicosenoic acid OH-20:1 structure ambiguous C20H38O3 326.28 62 M_317
Hydroxyeicosadienoic acid Tree Hydroxyeicosadienoic acid OH-20:2 structure ambiguous C20H36O3 324.27 49 M_318
Hydroxydocosanoic acid Tree Hydroxydocosanoic acid OH-22:0 structure ambiguous C22H44O3 356.33 1 M_346
Hydroxydocosenoic acid Tree Hydroxydocosenoic acid OH-22:1 structure ambiguous C22H42O3 354.31 2 M_335
Hydroxydocos 17c enoic acid Tree Hydroxydocos-17c-enoic acid OH-22:1-delta-17c structure ambiguous C22H42O3 354.31 1 M_347
Hydroxytetracosanoic acid Tree Hydroxytetracosanoic acid OH-24:0 structure ambiguous C24H48O3 384.36 1 M_352
Hydroxytetracos 19c enoic acid Tree Hydroxytetracos-19c-enoic acid OH-24:1-delta-19c structure ambiguous C24H46O3 382.34 1 M_348
Hydroxyhexacosanoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexacosanoic acid OH-26:0 structure ambiguous C26H52O3 412.39 1 M_311
Hydroxyhexacos 21c enoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexacos-21c-enoic acid OH-26:1-delta-21c structure ambiguous C26H50O3 410.38 1 M_349
Hydroxyoctacos 23c enoic acid Tree Hydroxyoctacos-23c-enoic acid OH-28:1-delta-23c structure ambiguous C28H54O3 438.41 1 M_350
Hydroxytriacont 25c enoic acid Tree Hydroxytriacont-25c-enoic acid OH-30:1-delta-25c structure ambiguous C30H58O3 466.44 1 M_351
11 eicosenoic acid, 14 hydroxy , (11z,14r) Tree 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (11Z,14R)- R-14-OH-20:1-delta-11c Lesquerolic acid; 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, (Z)-D-(+)-; 11-Eicosenoic acid, 14-hydroxy-, [R-(Z)]-; Lesquerolic acid C20 H38 O3 326.51 84 M_280
9,11 octadecadienoic acid, 13 hydroxy , (9z,11e,13s) Tree 9,11-Octadecadienoic acid, 13-hydroxy-, (9Z,11E,13S)- S-13-OH-18:2-delta-9c,11t 9,11-Octadecadienoic acid, 13-hydroxy-, (E,Z)-(S)-; 9,11-Octadecadienoic acid, 13-hydroxy-, [S-(E,Z)]-; (+)-Coriolic acid; (13S,9Z,11E)-13-Hydroxy-... C18 H32 O3 296.44 8 M_270
10,12 octadecadienoic acid, 9 hydroxy , (9r,10e,12z) Tree 10,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 9-hydroxy-, (9R,10E,12Z)- S-9-OH-18:2-delta-10t,12c 10,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 9-hydroxy-, (E,Z)-(+)-; 10,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 9-hydroxy-, [R-(E,Z)]-; 9R-HODE C18 H32 O3 296.44 13 M_274