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1 cyclopropene 1 heptanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-octyl- 8,9-cpe-18:1 Malvalic acid; Halphen acid; Malvalic acid; Malvic acid C18 H32 O2 280.45 369 M_221
1 cyclopropene 1 heptanoic acid, 2 (8 nonyn 1 yl) Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-(8-nonyn-1-yl)- 8,9-cpe-19:2-delta-17a Sterculynic acid; 1-Cyclopropene-1-heptanoic acid, 2-(8-nonynyl)-; Sterculynic acid C19 H30 O2 290.44 1 M_227
1 cyclopropene 1 octanoic acid, 2 octyl Tree 1-Cyclopropene-1-octanoic acid, 2-octyl- 9,10-cpe-19:1 Sterculic acid; Sterculic acid; Sterculinic acid C19 H34 O2 294.47 359 M_225
2 hydroxy 8 (2 octylcycloprop 1 en 1 yl)octanoic acid Tree 2-hydroxy-8-(2-octylcycloprop-1-en-1-yl)octanoic acid 2-OH-9,10-cpe-19:1 C19 H34 O3 310.47 15 M_226