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Heptadecanoic acid, 16 methyl Tree Heptadecanoic acid, 16-methyl- i-18:0 16-Methylheptadecanoic acid; Emersol 873; Isooctadecanoic acid; Isostearic acid; Prisorine 3509; i18:0 C18 H36 O2 284.48 13 M_198
Hexadecanoic acid, 14 methyl Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 14-methyl- ai-17:0 Methylpalmitic acid; Palmitic acid, -nu--methyl-; 14-Methylhexadecanoic acid; 14-Methylpalmitic acid; Ai17:0; Anteisoheptadecanoic acid; Anteisomar... C17 H34 O2 270.45 158 M_205
Hexadecanoic acid, 15 methyl Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 15-methyl- i-17:0 15-Methylhexadecanoic acid; 15-Methylpalmitic acid; Isoheptadecanoic acid; Subtiloheptadecanoic acid C17 H34 O2 270.45 15 M_197
Nonanoic acid, 7 methyl Tree Nonanoic acid, 7-methyl- 7-Me-9:0 ; C10H20O2 172.15 2
Pentadecanoic acid, 13 methyl Tree Pentadecanoic acid, 13-methyl- ai-16:0 13-DL-Methyl pentadecanoic acid; 13-Methylpentadecanoic acid; Anteiso-C16:0; Anteisohexadecanoic acid; Anteisopalmitic acid C16 H32 O2 256.42 2 M_362
Pentadecanoic acid, 14 methyl Tree Pentadecanoic acid, 14-methyl- i-16:0 14-Methylpentadecanoic acid; Iso-C16:0; Isohexadecanoic acid; Isopalmitic acid C16 H32 O2 256.42 14 M_196
Tetradecanoic acid, 12 methyl Tree Tetradecanoic acid, 12-methyl- ai-15:0 (?)-12-Methyltetradecanoic acid; 12-Methylmyristic acid; 12-Methyltetradecanoic acid; Anteiso-C15:0; Anteisopentadecanoic acid; C15-Anteiso acid; S... C15 H30 O2 242.4 9 M_204
Tetradecanoic acid, 13 methyl Tree Tetradecanoic acid, 13-methyl- i-15:0 13-Methylmyristic acid; 13-Methyltetradecanoic acid; Isopentadecanoic acid; Subtilopentadecanoic acid C15 H30 O2 242.4 6 M_361
Tridecanoic acid, 11 methyl Tree Tridecanoic acid, 11-methyl- ai-14:0 (?)-11-Methyltridecanoic acid; 11-Methyltridecanoic acid; Anteisomyristic acid; Anteisotetradecanoic acid C14 H28 O2 228.37 1 M_360
Tridecanoic acid, 12 methyl Tree Tridecanoic acid, 12-methyl- i-14:0 12-Methyltridecanoic acid; Aseanostatin P 1; Iso-C14:0; Isomyristic acid; Isotetradecanoic acid C14 H28 O2 228.37 35 M_195