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3,5 tetradecadienoic acid, (3e,5z) 3,5-Tetradecadienoic acid, (3E,5Z)- 14:2-delta-3t,5c Megatomoic acid; 3,5-Tetradecadienoic acid, (Z,E)-, (3E,5Z)-3,5-Tetradecadienoic acid, Megatomoic acid C14 H24 O2 224.34 M_033
2 cyclopentene 1 nonanoic acid Tree 2-Cyclopentene-1-nonanoic acid 14:1cy Alepric acid; Alepric acid C14 H24 O2 224.34 16 M_210
5,8 tetradecadienoic acid, (5z,8z) Tree 5,8-Tetradecadienoic acid, (5Z,8Z)- 14:2-delta-5c,8c 5,8-Tetradecadienoic acid, (Z,Z)-; (Z,Z)-5,8-Tetradecadienoic acid; C14:2n-6; Goshuyic acid C14 H24 O2 224.34 2 M_378
Tetradecenoic acid Tree Tetradecenoic acid 14:1 structure ambiguous C14H26O2 226.19 355 M_028
8 tetradecenic acid Tree 8-Tetradecenic acid 14:1-delta-8 structure ambiguous: double bond configuration not specified C14H26O2 226.19 3
4 tetradecenoic acid, (4z) Tree 4-Tetradecenoic acid, (4Z)- 14:1-delta-4c 4-Tetradecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-4-Tetradecenoic acid; cis-4-Tetradecenoic acid C14 H26 O2 226.35 19 M_029
5 tetradecenoic acid, (5z) Tree 5-Tetradecenoic acid, (5Z)- 14:1-delta-5c 5-Tetradecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-5-Tetradecenoic acid; C14:1w9; cis-5-Tetradecenoic acid; cis--delta-5-Tetradecenoic acid C14 H26 O2 226.35 2 M_030
9 tetradecenoic acid, (9z) Tree 9-Tetradecenoic acid, (9Z)- 14:1-delta-9c Myristoleic acid; 9-Tetradecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-9-Tetradecenoic acid; 9(Z)-Tetradecenoic acid; 9(Z)-Tetradecenoic acid; 9-cis-Tetradecenoic acid;... C14 H26 O2 226.35 115 M_031
7 tetradecenoic acid, (7z) Tree 7-Tetradecenoic acid, (7Z)- 14:1-delta-7c 7-Tetradecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-7-Tetradecenoic acid; cis-7-Tetradecenoic acid C14 H26 O2 226.35 7 M_379
3 tetradecenoic acid, (3e) 3-Tetradecenoic acid, (3E)- 14:1-delta-3t 3-Tetradecenoic acid, (E)-; (E)-3-Tetradecenoic acid; trans-3-Tetradecenoic acid; Goshuyic acid C14 H26 O2 226.35 M_507
9 tetradecenoic acid, (9e) 9-Tetradecenoic acid, (9E)- 14:1-delta-9t C14H26O2 226.4 M_032
2 heptylcyclopropanebutanoic acid Tree 2-Heptylcyclopropanebutanoic acid 5,6-cpa-13:0 C14H26O2 226.4 1 M_309
2 dodecenedioic acid, (2e) 2-Dodecenedioic acid, (2E)- 11-COOH-11:1-delta-2t 2-Dodecenedioic acid, (E)-; 2-Dodecenedioic acid, trans-; Traumatic acid; (2E)-2-Dodecenedioic acid; (E)-2-Dodecenedioic acid; trans-2-Dodecenedio... C12 H20 O4 228.28 M_235
Tetradecanoic acid Tree Tetradecanoic acid 14:0 Myristic acid; Myristic acid; 1-Tetradecanoic acid; 1-Tridecanecarboxylic acid; ; n-Tetradecanoic acid; n-Tetradecoic acid C14 H28 O2 228.37 5909 M_027
Tridecanoic acid, 12 methyl Tree Tridecanoic acid, 12-methyl- i-14:0 12-Methyltridecanoic acid; Aseanostatin P 1; Iso-C14:0; Isomyristic acid; Isotetradecanoic acid C14 H28 O2 228.37 35 M_195
Tridecanoic acid, 11 methyl Tree Tridecanoic acid, 11-methyl- ai-14:0 (?)-11-Methyltridecanoic acid; 11-Methyltridecanoic acid; Anteisomyristic acid; Anteisotetradecanoic acid C14 H28 O2 228.37 1 M_360
6,8,10 pentadecatriynoic acid 6,8,10-Pentadecatriynoic acid 15:3-delta-6a,8a,10a C15H18O2 230.33 M_482
10 pentadecen 6,8 diynoic acid, (e) 10-Pentadecen-6,8-diynoic acid, (E)- 15:3-delta-6a,8a,10t C15H20O2 232.35 M_589
Pentadecatrienoic acid Tree Pentadecatrienoic acid 15:3 structure ambiguous C15H24O2 236.18 1 M_328
Pentadecenoic acid Tree Pentadecenoic acid 15:1 structure ambiguous C15H28O2 240.21 104 M_036
5,6 methylenetetradecanoic acid Tree 5,6-methylenetetradecanoic acid 5,6-cpa-15:0 Cyclopropanebutanoic acid, 2-​octyl-​ C15 H28 O2 240.21 3 M_334
9 pentadecenoic acid Tree 9-Pentadecenoic acid 15:1-delta-9 structure ambiguous: double bond configuration not specified C15H28O2 240.21 6
10 pentadecenoic acid, (10z) Tree 10-Pentadecenoic acid, (10Z)- 15:1-delta-10c 10-Pentadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-10-Pentadecenoic acid; cis-10-Pentadecenoic acid C15 H28 O2 240.38 19 M_037
Pentadecanoic acid Tree Pentadecanoic acid 15:0 Pentadecylic acid; n-Pentadecanoic acid C15 H30 O2 242.4 1352 M_035
Tetradecanoic acid, 12 methyl Tree Tetradecanoic acid, 12-methyl- ai-15:0 (?)-12-Methyltetradecanoic acid; 12-Methylmyristic acid; 12-Methyltetradecanoic acid; Anteiso-C15:0; Anteisopentadecanoic acid; C15-Anteiso acid; S... C15 H30 O2 242.4 9 M_204
Tetradecanoic acid, 13 methyl Tree Tetradecanoic acid, 13-methyl- i-15:0 13-Methylmyristic acid; 13-Methyltetradecanoic acid; Isopentadecanoic acid; Subtilopentadecanoic acid C15 H30 O2 242.4 6 M_361
Tridecanedioic acid Tree Tridecanedioic acid 12-COOH-12:0 duplicate: delete this version TRIDECANEDIOIC ACID;Brassylic acid;1,11-Undecanedicarboxylic acid;Brassilic acid; C13H24O4 244.17 2
Tridecanedioic acid Tridecanedioic acid 12-COOH-12:0 1,11-Undecanedicarboxylic acid; 1,13-Tridecanedioic acid; Brassylic acid; NSC 9498; α,ω-Tridecanedioic acid; ω-Carboxylauric acid C13 H24 O4 244.33 M_236
Tetradecanoic acid, 6 hydroxy Tetradecanoic acid, 6-hydroxy- 6-OH-14:0 6-Hydroxymyristic acid; 6-Hydroxytetradecanoic acid C14 H28 O3 244.37 M_247
11 hydroxytetradecanoic acid 11-Hydroxytetradecanoic acid 11-OH-14:0 Convolvulinolic acid C14H28O3 244.42 M_248
9 hydroxytetradecanoic acid 9-Hydroxytetradecanoic acid 9-OH-14:0 C14H28O3 244.42 M_457
2,4,6,8,10,12 tetradecahexaenedioic acid, (2e,4e,6e,8e,10e,12e) 2,4,6,8,10,12-Tetradecahexaenedioic acid, (2E,4E,6E,8E,10E,12E)- 13-COOH-13:6-delta-2t,4t,6t,8t,10t,12t 2,4,6,8,10,12-Tetradecahexaenedioic acid, (all-E)-; Corticrocin C14 H14 O4 246.26 M_566
11 hexadecen 7,9 diynoic acid, (z) 11-Hexadecen-7,9-diynoic acid, (Z)- 16:3-delta-7a,9a,11c C16H22O2 246.38 M_590
4,7,10,13 hexadecatetraenoic acid, (4z,7z,10z,13z) 4,7,10,13-Hexadecatetraenoic acid, (4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z)- 16:4-delta-4c,7c,10c,13c 4,7,10,13-Hexadecatetraenoic acid, (all-Z)-; (all-Z)-4,7,10,13-Hexadecatetraenoic acid; 4,7,10,13-cis-Hexadecatetraenoic acid C16 H24 O2 248.36 M_534
Z,z,z,z 2,5,8,11 hexadecatetraenoic acid Z,Z,Z,Z-2,5,8,11-Hexadecatetraenoic acid 16:4-delta-2c,5c,8c,11c C16H24O2 248.4 M_535
Hexadecatrienoic acid Tree Hexadecatrienoic acid 16:3 structure ambiguous C16H26O2 250.19 66 M_319
6,10,14 hexadecatrienoic acid, (6z,10z,14z) 6,10,14-Hexadecatrienoic acid, (6Z,10Z,14Z)- 16:3-delta-6c,10c,14c Hiragonic acid; Hiragonic acid C16 H26 O2 250.38 M_051
6 undecenoic acid, 11 (2 cyclopenten 1 yl) , (6z) Tree 6-Undecenoic acid, 11-(2-cyclopenten-1-yl)-, (6Z)- 16:2cy-delta-6c Manoaic acid C16 H26 O2 250.38 1 M_222
6,9,12 hexadecatrienoic acid Tree 6,9,12-Hexadecatrienoic acid 16:3-delta-6c,9c,12c N/A C16 H26 O2 250.38 1 M_396
7,10,13 hexadecatrienoic acid, (7z,10z,13z) Tree 7,10,13-Hexadecatrienoic acid, (7Z,10Z,13Z)- 16:3-delta-7c,10c,13c Roughanic acid; 7,10,13-Hexadecatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)-; (Z,Z,Z)-7,10,13-Hexadecatrienoic acid; Roughanic acid; all-cis-7,10,13-Hexadecatrienoic acid C16 H26 O2 250.38 178 M_406
4,7,10 hexadecatrienoic acid, (z,z,z) 4,7,10-Hexadecatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)- 16:3-delta-4c,7c,10c C16 H26 O2 250.38 M_532
4 undecenoic acid, 11 (2 cyclopenten 1 yl) , (z) Tree 4-Undecenoic acid, 11-(2-cyclopenten-1-yl)-, (Z)- 16:2cy-delta-4c C16 H26 O2 250.38 1 M_575
9 undecenoic acid, 11 (2 cyclopenten 1 yl) , (z) Tree 9-Undecenoic acid, 11-(2-cyclopenten-1-yl)-, (Z)- 16:2cy-delta-9c C16 H26 O2 250.38 1 M_576
Z,z,z 7,11,14 hexadecatrienoic acid Z,Z,Z-7,11,14-Hexadecatrienoic acid 16:3-delta-7c,11c,14c C16H26O2 250.42 M_461
Hexadecadienoic acid Tree Hexadecadienoic acid 16:2 structure ambiguous C16H28O2 252.21 123 M_047
16:0cy Tree 16:0cy 16:0cy cyclopentenyl C16H28O2 252.21 1 M_364
7,10 hexadecadienoic acid, (7z,10z) Tree 7,10-Hexadecadienoic acid, (7Z,10Z)- 16:2-delta-7c,10c 7,10-Hexadecadienoic acid, (Z,Z)-; (7Z,10Z)-Hexadecadienoic acid; (Z,Z)-7,10-Hexadecadienoic acid; 7Z,10Z-Hexadecadienoic acid C16 H28 O2 252.39 199 M_049
9,12 hexadecadienoic acid, (9z,12z) Tree 9,12-Hexadecadienoic acid, (9Z,12Z)- 16:2-delta-9c,12c 9,12-Hexadecadienoic acid, (Z,Z)-; Palmitolinoleic acid; (Z,Z)-9,12-Hexadecadienoic acid C16 H28 O2 252.39 58 M_050
2 cyclopentene 1 undecanoic acid, (1r) Tree 2-Cyclopentene-1-undecanoic acid, (1R)- 16:1cy Hydnocarpic acid; 2-Cyclopentene-1-undecanoic acid, (R)-; Hydnocarpic acid C16 H28 O2 252.39 51 M_211
6,9 hexadecadienoic acid, (6z,9z) Tree 6,9-Hexadecadienoic acid, (6Z,9Z)- 16:2-delta-6c,9c 6,9-Hexadecadienoic acid, (Z,Z)- C16 H28 O2 252.39 6 M_393
4,7 hexadecadienoic acid, (z,z) Tree 4,7-Hexadecadienoic acid, (Z,Z)- 16:2-delta-4c,7c C16 H28 O2 252.39 3 M_519
Hexadecenoic acid Tree Hexadecenoic acid 16:1 structure ambiguous C16H30O2 254.22 3389 M_039
2 octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid Tree 2-Octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid 6,7-cpa-15:0 Cyclopropanepentanoi​c acid, 2-​octyl-​; 6,7-Methylenetetradecanoic acid; 2-Octylcyclopropanepentanoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.22 1 M_308
2 hexadecenoic acid, (2z) Tree 2-Hexadecenoic acid, (2Z)- 16:1-delta-2c 2-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)- C16 H30 O2 254.41 1 M_040
5 hexadecenoic acid, (5z) Tree 5-Hexadecenoic acid, (5Z)- 16:1-delta-5t 5-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-, (5Z)-5-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-5-Hexadecenoic acid, cis-5-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 22 M_041
7 hexadecenoic acid, (7z) Tree 7-Hexadecenoic acid, (7Z)- 16:1-delta-7c 7-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-7-Hexadecenoic acid; 7Z-Hexadecenoic acid; Hypogeic acid; cis-7-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 560 M_042
9 hexadecenoic acid, (9z) Tree 9-Hexadecenoic acid, (9Z)- 16:1-delta-9c Palmitoleic acid; 9-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; Palmitoleic acid; (Z)-9-Hexadecenoic acid; (Z)-Hexadec-9-enoic acid; 9-Hexadecenoic acid; 9-cis-Hexade... C16 H30 O2 254.41 2549 M_043
9 hexadecenoic acid, (9e) 9-Hexadecenoic acid, (9E)- 16:1-delta-9t Palmitelaidic acid; 9-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-, (9E)-9-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-9-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-Hexadec-9-enoic acid, 9-trans-Hexadecenoic... C16 H30 O2 254.41 M_044
11 hexadecenoic acid, (11z) Tree 11-Hexadecenoic acid, (11Z)- 16:1-delta-11c 11-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (11Z)-11-Hexadecenoic acid; (Z)-11-Hexadecenoic acid; Hexadec-11(Z)-enoic acid; cis-11-Hexadecenoic acid; -delta-11-Hex... C16 H30 O2 254.41 92 M_045
3 hexadecenoic acid, (3e) Tree 3-Hexadecenoic acid, (3E)- 16:1-delta-3t 3-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-; (E)-3-Hexadecenoic acid; 3-E-Hexadecenoic acid; trans-3-Hexadecenoic acid; -delta-3-trans-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 73 M_304
4 hexadecenoic acid, (4z) Tree 4-Hexadecenoic acid, (4Z)- 16:1-delta-4c 4-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; C16:1w12; cis-4-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 1 M_363
5 hexadecenoic acid, (5z) Tree 5-Hexadecenoic acid, (5Z)- 16:1-delta-5c 5-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-5-Hexadecenoic acid; cis-5-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 61 M_373
6 hexadecenoic acid, (6z) Tree 6-Hexadecenoic acid, (6Z)- 16:1-delta-6c Sapienic acid; 6-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-6-Hexadecenoic acid; 16:1-omega-10; C16:1-omega-10c; Sapienic acid; cis-6-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 6 M_381
10 hexadecenoic acid, (10z) Tree 10-Hexadecenoic acid, (10Z)- 16:1-delta-10c 10-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)-; cis-10-Hexadecenoic acid; -delta-10-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 3 M_394
6 hexadecenoic acid, (6e) 6-Hexadecenoic acid, (6E)- 16:1-delta-6t 6-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-; trans-6-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 M_429
2 hexadecenoic acid, (2e) 2-Hexadecenoic acid, (2E)- 16:1-delta-2t 2-Hexadecenoic acid, (E)-; (E)-2-Hexadecenoic acid; trans-2-Hexadecenoic acid C16 H30 O2 254.41 M_467
8 hexadecenoic acid, (z) Tree 8-Hexadecenoic acid, (Z)- 16:1-delta-8c C16 H30 O2 254.41 2 M_533
11 hexadecenoic acid, (11e) 11-Hexadecenoic acid, (11E)- 16:1-delta-11t Lycopodic acid; Lycopodic acid C16H30O2 254.46 M_046
Hexadecanoic acid Tree Hexadecanoic acid 16:0 Palmitic acid; Palmitic acid; Cetylic acid; n-Hexadecanoic acid; n-Hexadecoic acid C16 H32 O2 256.42 13061 M_038
Pentadecanoic acid, 14 methyl Tree Pentadecanoic acid, 14-methyl- i-16:0 14-Methylpentadecanoic acid; Iso-C16:0; Isohexadecanoic acid; Isopalmitic acid C16 H32 O2 256.42 14 M_196
Pentadecanoic acid, 13 methyl Tree Pentadecanoic acid, 13-methyl- ai-16:0 13-DL-Methyl pentadecanoic acid; 13-Methylpentadecanoic acid; Anteiso-C16:0; Anteisohexadecanoic acid; Anteisopalmitic acid C16 H32 O2 256.42 2 M_362
Pentadecanoic acid, 9 hydroxy Tree Pentadecanoic acid, 9-hydroxy- 9-OH-15:0 C15H30O3 258.4 2
Tetradecanoic acid, 3,11 dihydroxy Tetradecanoic acid, 3,11-dihydroxy- 3,11-di-OH-14:0 Ipurolic acid C14 H28 O4 260.37 M_283
10,16 heptadecadien 8 ynoic acid, (e) Tree 10,16-Heptadecadien-8-ynoic acid, (E)- 17:3-delta-8a,10t,16 C17 H26 O2 262.39 1 M_450
11 phenylundecanoic acid Tree 11-Phenylundecanoic acid 11-Ph-11:0 C17H26O2 262.43 2 M_531
10 heptadecen 8 ynoic acid, (10e) 10-heptadecen-8-ynoic acid, (10E)- 17:1-delta-8a,10t C17H28O2 264.21
10 heptadecen 8 ynoic acid, (10e) Tree 10-Heptadecen-8-ynoic acid, (10E)- 17:2-delta-8a,10t Pyrulic acid; 10-Heptadecen-8-ynoic acid, (E)-; Pyrulic acid C17 H28 O2 264.4 21 M_056
8,11,14 heptadecatrienoic acid, (8z,11z,14z) Tree 8,11,14-Heptadecatrienoic acid, (8Z,11Z,14Z)- 17:3-delta-8c,11c,14c 8,11,14-Heptadecatrienoic acid, (Z,Z,Z)-; 8(Z),11(Z),14(Z)-Heptadecatrienoic acid; Norlinolenic acid C17 H28 O2 264.4 3 M_057
Heptadecadienoic acid Tree Heptadecadienoic acid 17:2 structure ambiguous C17H30O2 266.22 85 M_055
7z,10z 12 (3 ethyloxiranyl) 7,10 dodecadienoic acid 7Z,10Z-12-(3-ethyloxiranyl)-7,10-Dodecadienoic acid 13,14-O-16:2-delta-7c,10c C16 H26 O3 266.38 M_545
7 hydroxy e 10 hexadecen 8 ynoic acid 7-Hydroxy-E-10-Hexadecen-8-ynoic acid 7-OH-16:2-delta-8a,10t C16H26O3 266.42 M_264
8 heptadecynoic acid 8-Heptadecynoic acid 17:1-delta-8a C17 H30 O2 266.42 M_455
7,11 hexadecadienoic acid, methyl ester, (7z,11z) 7,11-Hexadecadienoic acid, methyl ester, (7Z,11Z)- 16:2-delta-7c,11c 7,11-Hexadecadienoic acid, methyl ester, (Z,Z)- C17 H30 O2 266.42 M_460
9,12 heptadecadienoic acid Tree 9,12-Heptadecadienoic acid 17:2-delta-9,12 9,12-Heptadecadienoic acid;cis-9,cis-12-heptadecadienoic acid; C17H30O2 266.42 2
Heptadecenoic acid Tree Heptadecenoic acid 17:1 structure ambiguous C17H32O2 268.24 498 M_053
7z 9 (3 pentyloxiranyl) 7 nonenoic acid 7Z-9-(3-pentyloxiranyl)-7-Nonenoic acid 10,11-O-16:1-delta-7c C16 H28 O3 268.39 M_540
10 heptadecenoic acid, (10z) Tree 10-Heptadecenoic acid, (10Z)- 17:1-delta-10c 10-Heptadecenoic acid, (Z)-; 10-cis-Heptadecenoic acid; Z 10-Heptadecenoic acid; cis-10-Heptadecenoic acid C17 H32 O2 268.43 241 M_054
Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2 octyl , (1r,2s) rel Tree Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2-octyl-, (1R,2S)-rel- 7,8-cpa-17:0 Cyclopropanehexanoic acid, 2-octyl-, cis- C17 H32 O2 268.43 6 M_307
9 heptadecenoic acid, (9z) Tree 9-Heptadecenoic acid, (9Z)- 17:1-delta-9c 9-Heptadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (9Z)-9-Heptadecenoic acid; (Z)-9-Heptadecenoic acid; (Z)-Heptadec-9-enoic acid; Margaroleic acid; cis-9-Heptadecenoic ... C17 H32 O2 268.43 99 M_355
8 heptadecenoic acid, (8z) Tree 8-Heptadecenoic acid, (8Z)- 17:1-delta-8c 8-Heptadecenoic acid, (Z)-; (Z)-Heptadec-8-enoic acid; 8-Heptadecenoic acid, cis- C17 H32 O2 268.43 13 M_412
Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2 hexyl Tree Cyclopropaneoctanoic acid, 2-hexyl- 9,10-cpa-17:0 2-Hexylcyclopropaneoctanoic acid; 9,10-Methylenehexadecanoic acid; Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10-methylene- C17 H32 O2 268.43 17 M_497
11 heptadecenoic acid Tree 11-Heptadecenoic acid 17:1-delta-11 heptadec-11-enoic acid C17H32O2 268.44 2
11 hexadecenoic acid, 15 methyl Tree 11-Hexadecenoic acid, 15-methyl- 15-Me-16:1-delta-11 C17H32O2 268.44 2
Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10 methylene Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 9,10-methylene- 9,10-cpa-16:0 C17H32O2 268.44 4
Hexadecanoic acid, 7,8 methylene Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 7,8-methylene- 7,8-cpa-16:0 C17H32O2 268.44 2
Hydroxyhexadecenoic acid Tree Hydroxyhexadecenoic acid OH-16:1 structure ambiguous C16H30O3 270.22 26 M_387
7 hexadecenoic acid, 16 hydroxy 7-Hexadecenoic acid, 16-hydroxy- 16-OH-16:1-delta-7c Ambrettolic acid C16 H30 O3 270.41 M_263
Heptadecanoic acid Tree Heptadecanoic acid 17:0 Margaric acid; Margaric acid; Margarinic acid; NSC 3743; n-Heptadecanoic acid; n-Heptadecoic acid; n-Heptadecylic acid C17 H34 O2 270.45 2130 M_052
Hexadecanoic acid, 15 methyl Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 15-methyl- i-17:0 15-Methylhexadecanoic acid; 15-Methylpalmitic acid; Isoheptadecanoic acid; Subtiloheptadecanoic acid C17 H34 O2 270.45 15 M_197
Hexadecanoic acid, 14 methyl Tree Hexadecanoic acid, 14-methyl- ai-17:0 Methylpalmitic acid; Palmitic acid, -nu--methyl-; 14-Methylhexadecanoic acid; 14-Methylpalmitic acid; Ai17:0; Anteisoheptadecanoic acid; Anteisomar... C17 H34 O2 270.45 158 M_205