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External Reference: SOFA:TAB_002811

Plant: Afzelia cuanzensis

Total Value: 14.0

Name Notation Value
9,14-Octadecadien-12-ynoic acid, (9Z,14Z)- 18:3-delta-9c,12c,14a 14.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_002856

Plant: Aleurites sp.

Total Value: 82.0

Name Notation Value
9,11,13-Octadecatrienoic acid, (9Z,11E,13E)- 18:3-delta-9c,11t,13t 82.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_003529

Plant: Calea urticifolia

Total Value: 31.0

Name Notation Value
3,9,12-Octadecatrienoic acid, (3E,9Z,12Z)- 18:3-delta-3t,9c,12c 31.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_006134

Remarks: seed tissue
Plant: Chamaepeuce afra

Total Value: 14.0

Name Notation Value
12-Octadecenoic acid, 9,10,18-trihydroxy-, (12Z)- 9,10,18-tri-OH-18:1-delta-12c 14.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_004390

Remarks: seed tissue
Plant: Cuphea llavea miniata

Total Value: 86.0

Name Notation Value
Decanoic acid 10:0 86.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_004547

Remarks: seed tissue
Plant: Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii

Total Value: 84.0

Name Notation Value
5-Octadecenoic acid, (5Z)- 18:1-delta-5c 84.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_005224

Remarks: seed tissue
Plant: Impatiens edgeworthii

Total Value: 48.0

Name Notation Value
9,11,13,15-Octadecatetraenoic acid, (9Z,11E,13E,15Z)- 18:4-delta-9c,11t,13t,15c 48.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_006305

Plant: Lesquerella densipila

Total Value: 38.0

Name Notation Value
9,15-Octadecadienoic acid, 12-hydroxy-, (Z,Z)- 12-OH-18:2-delta-9c,15c 38.0
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_005571

Plant: Lindera umbellata

Total Value: 47.0

Name Notation Value
4-Dodecenoic acid, (4Z)- 12:1-delta-4c 47.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_006280

Plant: Ricinus communis

Total Value: 90.0

Name Notation Value
9-Octadecenoic acid, 12-hydroxy-, (9Z,12R)- 12-OH-18:1-delta-9c 90.0 GLC-Area-%
External Reference: SOFA:TAB_009975

Remarks: seed oil Syn.: jangli badam Sum of the specified fatty acids: 53 %
Plant: Sterculia foetida

Total Value: 53.0

Name Notation Value
1-Cyclopropene-1-octanoic acid, 2-octyl- 9,10-cpe-19:1 53.0 GLC-Area-%